Business Location

MS&B provides companies and investors with a comprehensive array of location-related services that achieve timely and effective results. A brief description of the types of services we offer is noted below with specific services applied to each client’s unique needs.
  • Initial situation assessment. We meet with the client’s team to define needs and related business strategies. Information is gathered and reviewed while kept confidential.
  • Evaluation of existing locations. Clients with multiple locations often request that we determine which locations best meet the long- term needs of the organization.
  • Feasibility analysis. The input provided during the situation assessment along with proxy options are incorporated into a cost model to determine the feasibility of applying deployment options. This process helps build an objective case to either move forward or realize that a given strategy is not financially feasible.
  • Location screening. When considering a new location, a client will request that MS&B identify top location candidates that meet specific performance criteria. MS&B has developed the “funnel approach” that screens locations in multiple steps based on priorities of need. This approach has proven to be effective in quickly and objectively identifying top location candidates.
  • On-site location and site visits. Once the list of location candidates has reached a manageable number, direct visits are made to communities to interview local employers, review real estate options, discuss the options for available incentives and gain a first-hand feel for the location and whether it meets a client’s needs.
  • Incentive evaluation and negotiations. MS&B will evaluate the potential incentives based on the client’s situation and that will result in a long-term win-win for the company and the community.
  • Support in securing final internal approval. The MS&B team will support the client in presentations and advice in securing project approval from the organization’s upper management or board of directors. Our presentations are concise, highly graphic and logically presented. We use a variety of mapping techniques, concept charts and analytical tools derived from our extensive project experience and former corporate careers.
Client Quotes

"I have seen a number of location studies, but Moran, Stahl and Boyer delivers the most thorough and well done I have ever seen."


"We found Moran, Stahl & Boyer to be easy to work with and extremely responsive. We changed our requirements several times the night before a meeting with our CEO and they were able to incorporate these changes on short notice. We were impressed."


"Moran, Stahl & Boyer's knowledge of business incentives is second to none. They exceeded our expectations and negotiated a very attractive package."

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