Economic Development

Our services focus on strategies and related services to support economic growth primarily at the city, county and region level. We have no “one size fits all” approach – each community and situation is different. We take a different tack by including all aspects of the economy in our strategy and look for the synergies between economic segments. A typical assignment will include a review of the community’s “economic history” from its roots – this tells a lot about a community and its culture. We also offer a highly regarded “Economic Development 101” seminar to different community stakeholder groups to get everyone moving toward a shared agenda. Our work product results in plan with thorough backup information that serves as a practical guide, not “shelf goods.” Specific services offered include:
  • Economic Development 101 Seminar. The content varies by client situation but includes topics such as:
    • Dynamics and trends in the overall economy
    • Typical local economic portfolio
    • Product/company life cycles
    • Convergence of technology
    • Defining a vision for economic growth
    • Identifying stakeholders and their roles
    • Key elements of economic development
    • Economic development resources
    • How companies and consultants make location decisions
    • Outside perspective on the community
    • The scope and role of incentives
    • Local strengths and weaknesses
    • Economic options for the local economy
    • Engaging in an economic development strategy
  • Economic development strategic plans. The end result is a comprehensive analysis of the local situation with a workable and effective plan. We receive compliments on how well the plan is packaged because we invest significant effort toward developing actionable items and metrics to track progress. The components of the plan include:
    • Executive Summary
    • Introduction and Background Information on Economic Development
    • Economic and Demographic Profile of the Area (with a historical perspective and current trends)
    • Assessment of Resources That Support Economic Growth
    • Competitive Analysis of Area and Benchmarking Against Specific Locations
    • Vision and Strategy to Facilitate Economic Growth
    • Action Plan for Achieving Vision With Metrics to Track Progress
    No two reports are ever the same because we focus on understanding the location situation and a craft a practical action plan that achieves defined results.
  • Labor market analysis. Our analysis of a local labor market includes a demographic review of the labor force within a specific commute distance and available skills that support specific industries; evaluation of the effectiveness of local education and training resources; current industry presence and interviews with cross-section of current employers; and a web-based survey to gather direct feedback from participants in the area work force.
  • Evaluation and development strategies for business parks. Our team provides insights and recommendations on the type and location for a business parks targeted toward distribution, industrial activities, office park and/R&D and develops a rough layout of sites for maximum utilization.
  • Site certification services. MS&B provides general “shovel ready” certification as well as industry-specific certifications that include unique requirements such as specific industry presence, utility costs and capacity, unique training programs, proximity to transportation, types of near-neighbors, soil conditions, and others. We provide a detailed list of certification criteria, a signed certificate, and additional support on highest and best use of a particular site. We currently manage the site certification program for the State of Minnesota and have certified sites in multiple states.
  • Develop marketing strategies and unique Resource Profiles for promoting communities and regions. We provide creative approaches to marketing for situations when resources are limited. Our Resource Profiles get results and provide just the right amount of information to get a prospect’s attention.
Client Quotes

“The Moran, Stahl & Boyer team helped to get us focused, and gave us a detailed and effective plan to execute . . . It has been a banner year for Botetourt County.”


“I looked through the new Economic Development Plan you did for Goochland County. Nice job and I especially appreciated the detailed action steps for them to take. Really a nice road map.”


“Moran, Stahl & Boyer has energized the team and there is no turning back.”


“The Strategic Plan provided by Moran, Stahl and Boyer positioned the City of Milford for solid growth and galvanized the community in a way that all – both young and old – have recognized the effort as historic. As a result, we’re ready to explode despite a downturned economy and headlines that beg for the exception. Any community lucky enough to receive their services should run – not walk – toward the opportunity to do so.”

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