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Why MS&B

Why Companies and Communities Select MS&B.

Three characteristics separate us from the rest: Unique and practical experience package. Innovative thought leaders. Passion for what we do.
  1. Unique and Practical Experience: Clients select us for our reputation and the experience that we have had from working within multiple industries as professionals and executives. Our team members have had careers in engineering, facilities, marketing, sales, real estate and finance with companies such as General Electric, American Express, MM Kellogg and Prudential Financial Services. We know how companies think because we spent the early part of our careers working directly for them. We have also worked for a relocation company engaged in evaluating costs and relocating companies throughout North America.

    As site selection consultants we have worked for a wide variety of companies in industries such as manufacturing, technology, financial services and other service companies, and other segments. As economic development consultants we have supported communities, regions and states throughout North America to build their economic potential and strengthen their employer and job portfolios.
  2. Innovative Thought Leaders: MS&B is constantly scanning and anticipating trends within each industry and monitoring the key economic drivers based on societal needs. We take a broad and high level approach to understanding the dynamics that will impact our corporate and community clients. We continuously develop new processes and techniques to better evaluate and address company needs and community opportunities.

    We understand concepts such as business and community life cycles, business accelerators for small business growth, the relationship between resource development and R&D on economic growth, the shift in demand for new labor skills and work ethic, the re-shoring of American businesses, and the impact that cost and availability of energy and water will have on the future economy.
  3. Passion for What We Do: We view consulting as a capstone to a career learning about the dynamics of markets, industries and businesses. It is a privilege to serve a company and community and equip them for success. We have a passion for what we do and it shows in our work.
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